Revolutionary War Letter circa 1777 New York City

Latest Acquisition – Revolutionary War Letter circa 1777 New York City


December 23rd 1777

By the date of my letter time is hasting on to the beginning of another year. Let me stop a moment for reflection and ask myself where I was the end of last.
Ah, not where I am at present – no. I and every being around me then spoke joy in there countenance being just freed from rebellious government expecting
in a few days immediate destruction to end their cursed designs. But alas how vain were our hopes – How uncertain our Earthly happiness – In the midst of our
joyful expectation all at once found ourselves under the tyranny of rebels. Which I certainly shall have reason to remember and say with the refrain;

Forced from my farm Alas Poor Hapless I
My wanted Joys and Dearer Country Fly!

How disagreeable is the city to my fate in life. How I could relish that
Peaceable habitation in Newark – which I did not know how to prize sufficiently when possessed – of which was far from the noise of city where I could drink pure water
and when I aroused from a peaceful Repose by the harmony of birds to the rural pleasures of a new day. But how different at present in every respect one will mention
instead of the harmony of birds my windows Jarred by the morning gun which is immediately followed by fifes and drums and then the Hideous noise of a Yankee crying news.

I will now forbear my pen least you should think me tedious writing you the difference between the days I now spend and and the days I formally spent but as this
in a particular manner concerns me it naturally flows from my pen with assurance of my affection to you.