RARE Two Franklin Peale Electrotype Copper Busts – Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon

Franklin Peale cultivated an interest in mechanical engineering, becoming a founding member of the Franklin Institute and later working for the Philadelphia Mint where he earned the title of Chief Coiner. Peale developed many new technologies – some successful and some failures – to assist in the coining process. During this time, he nourished his artistic proclivities and created medallions with the help of machinery housed at the Mint. One such item produced by Peale in his offices at the Philadelphia Mint was this copper bust made in 1840 to celebrate his namesake, America’s most famous Benjamin Franklin.  Scribed on the reverse by Richard Sears McCulloch is “4 1/4 oz. MC” (see images) Peale was keeping close records of the metals used because he would replace the bullion used after he sold a medal or plaque.

The other plaque is Napoleon – made by Peale after returning from France for 2 years. Beautiful period matching wood frames.
Around the back edge reads in reverse lettering: “Executed by the Galvanic process of Jacobi by Franklin Peale 1840” (see images) –
It cannot be read from the front at all – and it can barely be read on the reverse.

A similar example sold at Pook and Pook auction house in 2015 – https://www.pookandpook.com/lot/franklin-peale-embossed-copper-bust-of-benjamin-fr-1969950

That example has raised lettering around the obverse edge and is very clear to read.