Marcel Janco Signed Print Israel circa 1950

Unframed lithograph 19″ x 26″ – Marcel Janco was a Romanian and Israeli visual artist, architect and art theorist. He was the co-inventor of Dadaism and a leading exponent of Constructivism in Eastern Europe.

“Marcel Janco (1895-1984) was born in 1895 in Bucharest Hungary. In 1915 he began his architecture studies in Zurich where he met his future friends, the artist Jan Arp and poet Tristan Tzara.
In 1917 he became one of the first members of the famous Dada movement. He then traveled to Paris where he first came across Surrealistic artists. He became highly active in artistic and cultural circles. During the Second World War, Marcel Janco decided he would feel most secured in Israel, where he immigrated to in 1941. Once arriving there he was surrounded by admirers and became an estimable teacher. He was one of the founders of the important Israeli art movement, “New Horizons” and the head of the famous artists’ village Ein-Hod on the hills of Mount Carmel near Haifa. Israel, on the verge of becoming a nation, was an inspiring atmosphere of new themes: the war, fighting soldiers, the Eastern Jewish community and more. Marcel Janco exhibited in New York, Paris, Milan, Tel Aviv and participated in the Venice Biennale and the Sao Paulo Biennale. He died in 1984.” (Click on images below to make them larger)